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      The beginning of the new life

      Good eveing everybody! My name is xly it’s my honor to speak here,and I am very glad to share my topic with you。 Then today I'd like to talk something about the life of the university 。

      Before I came to Northwest af University,the appearance of college life had appeared in my mind many times, which I believe is what many students yearn for 。But why is college life so charming? Is it the ease and pleasure of College life? I think the charm of college life lies in its depth and independence。

      In many people's opinions , college life is extremely relaxed, as long as you don't hang out of school, you can do anything if you want,But when I came to Northwest af university.I had a new understanding of my college life.

      The ancient pine stands proudly against the wind, the ancient buildings stand in the campus after the war, silently telling his story, seeing the perseverance of everyone in the old photos of the first graduates, I suddenly understand the meaning of the school motto of honesty and bravery. The historical accumulation of Northwest af University in the past century will also cultivate honesty and bravery students .   

      Located in the central position of the territory of the People's Republic of China, our university is a comprehensive agricultural and Forestry University with unique geographical conditions。 China is a big agricultural country and a big population country。 Our school was born in the era of fierce war。 We carry the expectations of generations of Chinese people。 Food is the most important thing of the people。 The students of our Food Institute are willing to devote our youth, our hearts to the motherland and our hearts to the people。 We are committed to improving and guaranteeing the dietary level and health of 1。4 billion Chinese people。    

      I think, the profound attitude of life is willing to be lonely, willing to dedicate, willing to be insipid. But we are not ordinary in the dull, we will give time to study and work, in this unprecedented prosperity of blooming their lives, Northwest af universitywill be the beginning of blooming our lives.    

      Entering College life, leaving parents and flying away, we yearn for freedom, we are afraid of independence。 Independence means facing difficulties alone, bearing consequences alone, and facing the unknown alone。 Sounds melancholy, but the fact is that only through these experiences can we really grow up。 Heaven falls down and then people will suffer their hearts and muscles。 Let us accept hardship, hone our will and improve our thinking。

      So please accept independence, solitude and self-acceptance。 Enjoy the time with friends, but also more enjoy the time with ourselves。   

      Our international classes of food workers have relatively high learning pressure. When others develop interest, we may recite words, brush math questions and prepare for various examinations. But our harvest is also more, in their most beautiful years to increase knowledge, rich connotation, make themselves better. It's a happy thing.Our International Food Science and Engineering Class is an important part of life science and engineering science, and an important bridge connecting food science and industrial engineering.

      So, my fellow students, the road is long and far, I will search up and down. Let's cherish our precious college time and try our best to make ourselves shine. Be honest and brave, never shrink back.Finally, I wish the teachers will be happy everyday.Students have a bright future,Thank you!
























      作者:食品学院 食工国际1903班  邢璐奕




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